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Radio Flyer Wagons brighten the halls at CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth

Radio Flyer, Inc. and  Starlight Children’s Foundation recently donated 2 cherry red Pathfinder Wagons to the Day Surgery unit at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas St. Elizabeth. Radio Flyer has been a Starlight Children’s Foundation partner since 2001 and has contributed more than 12,000 of its signature Radio Flyer wagons to support sick kids at Starlight community partners in the United States. The wagons help make the healing experience a fun adventure for patients during their time in the hospital.

“To parents, the wagon can be just another toy, but to kids, especially a special needs kid, it is magic.”

Hospital personnel use the classic wagons in place of wheelchairs or stretchers to transport children to and from surgeries, treatment rooms and private rooms. The wagons help to make the experience an adventure, with children traveling the hallways in comfort and style.

“We have found the children to be less stressed and more relaxed when brought to the operating room in a wagon instead of a cart.”

Thank you, Radio Flyer and Starlight Children’s Foundation, for helping us care for sick and injured kids in Southeast Texas!


Read about Finn, a two-year-old heart surgery patient who’s Radio Flyer wagon quickly became his safe place during the months he spent recovering in the hospital.